birthday parties

Your child will love the party and so will you! Create an unforgettable birthday party with the Downers Grove Park District's Birthday Party Service. Just invite the guests and leave the planning and mess up to us! All themed parties are filled with a variety of games and activities. Registration is required at least two weeks in advance. Call now to make arrangements for a memorable birthday celebration. Party planning begins upon full payment.

Parties are held at the Lincoln Center unless otherwise noted. Call (630) 963-1300 to book.

Party Availability

Morning Afternoon Evening
Friday (Paint & Take, Cupcake Creation, Balloon Animal and Magic Parties only) 5-7pm
Saturday 10am-12pm
1-3pm 4-6pm
Sunday 10am-12pm 1-3pm 4-6pm

Parties Include

  • Two hours of party time
  • Up to 15 guests ($5 for each additional guest; 20 guests maximum)
  • Decorated room and tables
  • Invitations
  • Party host
  • Cake or cupcakes
  • Beverages

Add-On One-Topping Pizza

# In Party # of Pizzas Fee
1-10 2 $32
10-15 3 $44
15-20 4 $55
20-25 5 $67


Balloon Animal Party (Ages 3+)

45 minutes of non-stop balloon animals from the Magic Team of Gary Kantor. Dogs, butterflies, swords, etc. And at the end of the party they'll each get to take home their very own collection of assorted balloon animals. Fee: $300 (N/R $320)

Safari Party (Ages 3 - 6)

Embark on you very own safari adventure and scavenger hunt! Decorate a safari vest and binocular craft, play safari-themed games and receive a safari hat and stuffed animal friend to take home. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Superhero Party (Ages 3 - 6)

Your little Superhero will have a blast flying through an assortment of relays, obstacles and challenges as they hone their Super Powers. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Magic Party (Ages 4+)

You will see vanishing acts, card tricks, mind-reading, and much more from magician Gary Kantor. All shows are interactive. Your child will come up on stage and become a Junior Magician right before your eyes. Fee: $300 (N/R $320)

Dance Party (Ages 6 - 10)

Led by our own dance instructor, children warm up and learn choreographed dance combinations in our dance studio. The guest of honor can choose the style of dance: ballet, hip-hop, jazz or combine styles. Music is provided. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Paint & Take Party (Ages 6 - 10)

Celebrate the art of letting your creativity flow in our ceramic studio. Children will paint ceramic pottery pieces that are ready to take home the same day. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Cupcake Creation (Ages 6 - 10)

A deliciously good time! Decorate your own cupcake with a variety of toppings and design your own apron for future culinary fun! Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Messy Party (Ages 6 - 10)

Everyone will have an ooey, gooey good time creating their own slime and making a mess with all kinds of slimy, sloppy games and activities. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Wacky Games Party (Ages 6 - 10)

Your child and their friends will go crazy as they enjoy a variety of high-energy activities including scooter races, parachute games and fun relay races. Fee: $240 (N/R $260)

Nerf War (Ages 6 - 10)

Your child will dip, duck and dodge while engaged in multiple rounds of war with their friends. Barriers, Nerf blasters and darts are provided. Fee: $250 (N/R $270)


This conveniently located community center offers room rentals for groups of 10 to 120 people. Perfect for business meetings, seminars or group gatherings. Amenities at this facility include an auditorium, gymnasium and newly renovated kitchen.

Fees & Charges

Listed below are room rates applicable for rentals conducted within *Lincoln Center's Hours of Operation, room capacities and various equipment available for rent at Lincoln Center. Room capacities and styles listed are most requested.

*A $40 per hour charge applies for all rentals conducted outside of the facilities established Hours of Operation.

Area Capacity Room Hourly Rate
Gym Determined by program 104 $40
Auditorium Theater/180
304 $60
Gym/Room 105 Combo Determined by program 104, 105 $55
Multi-Purpose Room Theater/50
105 $30
Auditorium/Kitchen Combo 302, 304 $75
Multi-Purpose Room Theater/40
506 $30
Multi-Purpose Room Theater/48
307 $30
Multi-Purpose Room
Includes Mini-Kitchen
503 $40
Kitchen 15 / class use 302 $30
Dance Room 15 / class use 401, 403, 404 $30
Room 503, 506 Combo Determined by program 503, 506 $55

Facility Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required for each room rented. Deposit amount will be determined by room size and amenities offered.

Equipment Rental

The following equipment is available for rental in conjunction with facility rentals and is based on availability. A separate deposit may be required.

Audio/Visual Equipment - $15 per item

  • Overhead Projector
  • Podium
  • Microphones/Sound Equipment
  • Video Screen

Gymnasium Equipment - $25 per item

  • Volleyball net & standards

*For pitching machine & electronic scoreboard rentals a staff operator is available for $15 per hour.

Audio/Visual Equipment - $25 per item

  • LCD projector

Setup Diagrams

Click on each setup style below to get an idea for your specific event needs.