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Once the historic Lincoln School from 1867 to 1974, the Lincoln Community Center is ideally suited as a Preschool. Our facility offers:

  • Six bright, colorful and well-equipped classrooms
  • Small class sizes taught by professional and qualified teachers
  • Indoor gym & outdoor play areas
  • Nut-free classrooms
  • Inclusion services available through SEASPAR
  • Local walking field trips and family field trips

Safe & Secure

Safety is our number one priority at the Lincoln Learning Center. In order to ensure a safe environment for your children, the Lincoln Learning Center has implemented the procedures below

  • The Lincoln Learning Center is located on its own floors of the Lincoln Center. The classrooms are dedicated to this program.
  • Ten minutes after the start of class, the Preschool floor hallway doors are locked and remain locked until ten minutes prior to the end of class. Automatic locks have been installed on the hallway doors to increase access control.
  • Individual classroom doors will be locked five minutes after the start of class and remain locked until dismissal time.
  • Parents who arrive late or need to pick up their child early will need to check in at the front desk to have the hallway doors opened.
  • The registration office is located right inside the main lobby of the Lincoln Center, giving staff a visual of everyone entering the building, as well as a visual of both Preschool floors.


We provide an optional curbside drop-off and pick-up program. Parents can either escort their child to the preschool classroom or parents can choose to participate in an optional curbside drop-off and pick-up program. At the end of the day, children are individually released to their parent or designated carpool person.

Enrichment Programs

A variety of Preschool supplemental enrichment programs are offered throughout the course of each school year to children enrolled in 2-, 3- or 4/5-year-old Preschool. These programs include: Preschool Connection for 3-year-old Preschool, Ready, Set, Kindergarten for 4/5-year-old Preschool, and Spanish, Math and Science classes for 3 & 4/5-year old preschoolers.

The Downers Grove Park District offers a variety of early childhood-focused programs year-round fun and learning for you and your child - even if you are not enrolled in the Lincoln Learning Center Preschool. Early childhood classes help children gain independence and learn new skills through developmentally appropriate activities. Enjoy family programs geared for parent, child and sibling involvement. Choose from programs that feature art, music and movement, dance, gymnastics, sports and games, social play, camps & more!

Class information for enrichment and other programs is available in the seasonal Park District program guides.


Weekly themes, creative expression, circle time and large and fine motor skill development help your child get ready for 3-year-old preschool. Class structure is consistent with all preschool classes and independence and socialization are emphasized. Participants receive priority registration for 3-year-old preschool the following school year. Children enrolled in this program do NOT need to be potty-trained; Pull-ups/training pants are permitted. Children must turn 2, but not yet 3 by September 1 to enroll in 2-year-old Preschool.


Perfect for the new early learner, the three-year-old program helps foster socialization and independence while introducing children to the classroom setting. Through teacher-guided activities, children learn to follow simple directions, make new friends and share with others in a group. Activities promote fine motor development through creative arts, cutting and gluing. Children are introduced to shape, number and color recognition through show & tell and themed activities, and large motor skills are enhanced through gym, creative movement activities and outdoor play. Children must turn 3, but not yet 4 by September 1 to enroll in 3-year-old Preschool.


Experienced learners prepare for Kindergarten in programs designed for continued enrichment. Children develop readiness skills through exposure to upper and lower case letters, sound recognition, reading and writing activities, math concepts and color and shape review. Social skills and problem solving are enhanced through unstructured play and teacher-directed group activities. Children explore and learn about the community through local field trips and community visitors. Children must turn 4 or 5 years old, but not yet 6, by September 1 to enroll in 4/5 year-old preschool.