The Downers Grove Park District is served by over 50 full-time employees and over 500 part-time and seasonal personnel.

To contact a Staff Member via email, click on the name below.


Bill McAdam Executive Director 630.960.7252
Adine Lenon Executive Assistant, FOIA Officer 630.960.7253
Pam Rank Administration Assistant 630.960.5374
Marian Olund Director of Human Resources 630.960.4667
Dawn Hartman Manager of Marketing and Creative Development 630.960.4579
Danielle Strohmier Marketing & Creative Development Specialist 630.963.2398
Heather Zoellick Corporate & Community Relations Specialist 630.960.7256

Finance & IT Division

Name Position Phone
Erik Brown Director of Finance and Technology 630.960.7257
Tricia Farkas Superintendent of Finance 630.960.5041
Errol Lagman Accountant 630.960.4698
Linda Shearer
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Chris Kapus Supervisor of Information Technology 630.960.4566

Parks Division

Name Position Phone
Geoff Penman Director of Operations and Development 630.960.7255
Paul Fyle Superintendent of Planning, ADA Coordinator
Kevin Rozell Superintendent of Parks
Mike Stelter Assistant Superintendent of Parks 630.960.7580
Jeff Pozen Golf Course Superintendent 630.963.9436
Vincent Pawlicki Assistant Golf Course Superintendent 630.963.5527
Ron Simon Horticulturist 630.960.7576
James Less Landscape Architect 630.960.5452
James Weimer Park Forester 630.417.7151
Regina Ozog Office Manager - Park Operations 630.960.4652

Recreation Division

Name Position Phone
Dave Haring Director of Recreation 630.960.7254
Mike Contreras Interim Recreation Center Manager / Supervisor of Athletics 630.960.7563
Michelle Varys Fitness Operations Supervisor 630.960.7469
Josh Williams
Recreation Supervisor 630.960.7463
Brian DeWolf Recreation Supervisor 630.960.7468
Amy Shearer Recreation Specialist 630.960.7464
Felicia Camacho Museum & Nature Center Specialist 630.960.2113
Ryan Maywin Naturalist 630.960.2069
Anna Fontanetta Naturalist 630.960.2052
Michelle Pusateri Interim Lincoln Center Manager 630.960.4495
Samantha Donovan Recreation Supervisor 630.960.4477
Akeila LeClaire Cultural Arts Supervisor 630.960.4491
Sara Cunningham
Recreation Specialist
Lenore Murphy Office Supervisor - Lincoln Center 630.960.7461
Sally Hayduck Golf Course Manager 630.963.1308
Anna Kish Recreation Manager - Community Services 630.960.5392