The Downers Grove Park District has allocated capital funds for several park and facility improvement projects in 2019. Updates regarding the status of projects will be posted here as improvements progress.

Recreation & Fitness Center - Parking Lot and Pathway Renovation: This project includes resurfacing the existing asphalt parking lot and pathways, plus replacement of concrete sidewalks, curbs and storm sewers as needed. Work is anticipated to begin July 29 and be complete by mid-September. LEarn mORE

Hoopers Hollow Park - Playground Renovation: This project includes removal and replacement of the playground equipment and the wood mulch safety surfacing. Replacement of play equipment on a regular schedule allows the Park District to ensure that residents will be using equipment that meets today's standards in terms of active and imaginative play, safety, and accessibility. Work is anticipated to begin in early September and be complete by mid-October. The Downers Grove Park District hosted a Playground Open House meeting on Monday, March 25, 2019, at the Downers Grove Recreation Center. New playground designs were on display for review and public comment.

Doerhoefer Park - Ballfield Irrigation: This project includes installation of a new irrigation system on the three existing ballfields. The current irrigation system was installed in 1999, and has required numerous repairs in recent years. Work is anticipated to begin in July and be complete by late August.

Doerhoefer Park - Tennis Court Maintenance & Repairs: Beginning the week of Aug. 19, all tennis courts at Doerhoefer Park will be closed for approximately one week for maintenance and repairs. The courts are anticipated to reopen on Saturday, Aug. 24 (weather dependent).

1846 Blodgett House - Interior Renovation: As a result of having recently received two grants, this project will allow the District to complete the interior of the 1846 house and create interpretive exhibits. Work is anticipated to begin in September and be complete by December.

McCollum Park - Replace Parking Lot Lights: The existing lights at McCollum Park are 38 years old and have reached the end of their useful life. Upgrading to newer, energy-efficient LED lights will reduce overall maintenance costs and provide a cost savings by significantly reducing electric use. Work is anticipated to begin in August and be complete by late September.

Whitlock Park - Pave Perimeter Pathways: The existing perimeter pathways at Whitlock Park are limestone screenings (gravel) surface, which requires frequent repairs after heavy rains, and can be unpassable at times when wet. In addition, the gravel surface is not considered a wheelchair-accessible surface. Paving the existing trails with asphalt will reduce day-to-day maintenance and create a fully-accessible surface. Work is anticipated to begin September and be complete in late August.

McCollum Park - Splashpad Planning & Design: This includes advance planning work for a new Splashpad project currently budgeted in 2020. Meet with Downers Grove staff at McCollum Park on May 9 to learn about the project and view park concepts. LEARN MORE

Patriots Park - East Bridge Engineering & Permitting: This includes advance planning and engineering work to replace the existing pedestrian bridge at the east end of Barth Pond, budgeted for replacement in 2020.

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