Become a beekeeper, learn about worm bins or participate in a nature workshop in Lyman Woods!. The park district offers a range of nature-themed programs for all ages throughout the year.


NaturePlay School

Nurture your little sprout in our nature-based early childhood program! Our classes are inspired by the forest school model of learning. Research has shown that unstructured outdoor play and nature-based exploration to be the perfect groundwork for meaningful learning and growth. Lyman Woods' NaturePlay School provides this and more! Your child will learn about the animals and ecology of the forests, wetlands and prairie through hands-on lessons designed specifically for early childhood. They will work on content such as science, language and math skills without even knowing it! Your child might plant trees, build forts, care for a garden, cook over a campfire, hike and explore our trails! We spend much of our time fostering creativity, teamwork and social skills through unstructured play on our trails and in our Wild Woods play areas. Class time takes place 100% outdoors, in our 135 acres, with the exception of severe weather and restroom breaks.

Class will not be held on District 58 school holidays. Please visit the NaturePlay School tab on the left side of the page for more detailed information regarding the 2022-2023 school year.

Ages: 3-5

private group programs

Bring your youth group to Lyman Woods for an unforgettable outdoor adventure! Whether your group wants to identify trees, feed the birds, or explore the woods, our knowledgeable instructors will lead the way.

To arrange your next group outing, call us at 630.963.9388.

Program Length Fee per participant (min 6)
1 hour $7
1.5 hours $9
2 hours $11
Kindergarten-Grade 3 (1 hour) Grades 4+ (2 hrs) All Grades (1.5hrs)
Beekeeping I Beekeeping II
Maps & Compasses
Nature at Night
Kindergarten-Grade 1 (1 hr) Grade 2-3 (1.5 hrs) 3rd Grade (1.5 hrs)
Grades 4-5 (2 hrs) Grades 6 - 8
Nature Discovery Hike Birds
Native American Life
Exploring Bugs
Exploration Hike

Water and Soil Conservation
Sharing Your World with Wildlife
Wildflower Adventure
Animal Homes & Hideaways
Amazing Trees

Get ready for an adventurous field trip to Lyman Woods! Hands-on investigations of the woods, wetlands and prairie complement lessons on science and nature concepts. Prepare to be outdoors and get your hands (and feet) dirty! Parents with small children- feel free to visit the interpretive center, check out a TIMBER pack, or spend some nature play time in the Wild Woods with your younger children during the program. Bring lunch to enjoy with your whole family in our picnic area before or after the program! At least one adult must accompany your homeschool group.

Homeschool Programs

  • Daytime Astronomy - Look to the sky using a telescope, search for the sun and even a daytime moon! Learn about Earth's place in the solar system through fun activities and games.
  • Weather Watch - Learn what causes our daily and seasonal weather changes. Investigate the unique conditions of the day using scientific tools as we hike through the woods.
  • Classy Critters - Learn the basics of identifying and classifying animals through touchable biofacts and hands-on activities.
  • Fascinating Forests - Hike through Lyman Woods to explore a forest ecosystem and search for the animals that reside in the woods. Examine trees and find out what we can do to conserve the forest.
  • Wetland Wonders - Hike to the wetlands in search of turtles, frogs, and muskrats.(Available during spring, summer & fall).
  • Incredible Insects - Trek through the woods and prairie to capture, observe, and release the buggy creatures we can find. (Available during spring, summer & fall).
  • Nature at Night (Family Program) - Walk the trails listening for the sounds of the forest at night and learn about the amazing nocturnal animals that live in Lyman Woods!
  • Sow a Seed - Discover the changes seeds make on their journey to becoming plants like huge oak trees! (Available during spring, summer & fall).

Please call our Naturalist at 630.963.9388 for more information or to schedule a program.

Program Length: 90 minutes
Fee: $9 per child
Minimum Group Size: 8
Minimum Age: 5


Improve cooperation, develop better communication skills and practice problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills during 2-hour, half-day or full-day team building workshops. Participants will leave with a sense of teamwork and accomplishment and an understanding of how to transfer new found or fine-tuned skills back to their work, school or personal lives. teambuilding workshops are available all year and are conducted outdoors, rain or shine.

  • Cooperative Games: Participants work together to solve fun physical and mental challenges.
  • Wilderness Skills: This workshop begins with fun lessons to learn a new wilderness skill, groups then put their knowledge and teamwork to the test with wilderness skills challenges.
  • Combination Workshop: Can't decide? Try both. This full day workshop includes cooperative games in the morning and wilderness skills in the afternoon.
  • Wild Adventure: This six-hour workshop begins with wilderness skills lessons to prepare the group to navigate a wilderness skills adventure course. After completing the course participants put their teamwork to the test in a final group challenge.

To provide the best experience for all participants group sizes are limited to 15 or fewer depending on the option selected. For more information on team building opportunities at Lyman Woods, please contact the Interpretive Center at 630.963.9388.

Teambuilding Program Fees

Cooperative Games Wilderness Skills Combination Workshop Wild Adventure
2 hours $150 per group 3 hours $230 per group 6 hours $390 per group 6 hours $430 per group
3 hours $180 per group


Spend your summer outside on an adventure to discover nature! Led by a team of naturalists, instructors and volunteers, campers will spend time outdoors playing, exploring and making new friends in our beautiful forest preserve.