The Downers Grove Museum offers a variety of year-round educational and entertaining programming for all ages. Museum programs include exhibit-related workshops and events, craft workshops, holiday programs, and annual free events. Participants can explore local history while interacting with knowledgeable staff and volunteers.



Bring your group to the Downers Grove Museum! Programs are 1 or 2 hours in length depending on the program and can be tailored for adult and kid groups. Call 630-963-1309 to book your program today! $6 per person. Minimum 5 people. 

Go Behind-the-Scenes!

1-hour program

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the DG Museum! Follow the Museum Curator through public and private museum spaces learning about our collections and exhibits.

Victorian Downers Grove

1-hour program

Explore what life was like in Downers Grove in the 1890s! Take a tour of the historic Victorian Blodgett House, complete a trivia scavenger hunt, and try out some Victorian era toys and games.

Pioneer Downers Grove

1-hour program

Explore what life was like in Downers Grove in the 1830s and 40s. Tour the museum campus and learn about the early settlers in our area. Then try your hand at some early chores and games.


Scout Programs

1-1.5 hour program

Work with the Downers Grove staff to gear a tour/program towards earning a badge for your troop, such as your Community or Playing the Past badges.



Bring your class or group to the Downers Grove Museum! Learn about the pivotal beginnings of Downers Grove through the story of the Blodgett family. Learn about settling in Downers Grove, interacting with local Native Americans, and living in the Pioneer and Victorian periods. During your guided tour, you'll visit the foot print of the Blodgett family cabin, discuss the 1850's and the Pioneer Blodgett House, and learn about the 1890's inside of the Victorian Blodgett House. Tours are one-hour in length. Call the Museum at 630-963-1309 to book your tour today!

School Tours

One class per 1-1.5 hour tour, $60 per class

Group Tours

$35 for up to 10 people