Youth Basketball Leagues

Basketball leagues are offered in the summer, fall and winter. During the fall and winter Leagues, an eight-week season is played on weekend mornings at the Recreation Center. Practices are held once a week at a District 58 school for one hour. During the summer season, two weeks of practice are followed by games on Wednesday nights only. Our goal is to keep players from the same school on the same team. Should enrollment and roster numbers not accommodate this, then players from different schools may be combined to form teams. Divisions are divided by grades ranging from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Check the seasonal guide for early registration dates.

WINTER 2021 Youth Basketball Registration Information

Due to COVID-19 and the safety guidelines for youth sports put together by Governor Pritzker, our Winter Youth Basketball league will look a little different this year. The following guidelines will be followed (pending any changes before the season starts) in order for our league to run. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines, this league may see changes or updates throughout the season. We will communicate any and all updates through email to all participants as soon as we can.

  • Registration Begins: 8:00 am on November 2
    • Please note that this date was changed from what is printed in our Fall Guide
  • Registration Deadline: December 8
  • Dates
    • Scrimmages will run from January 9 & 10 through March 13 & 14
  • League Capacity
    • TBD
  • Teams
    • Teams will be limited in size across all grade levels. No more than 10 players per team.
    • Additional late registrations or requests to switch teams will not be allowed once the season begins.
    • The league will be played 3v3 for K-4th grade and 5v5 for 5th-8th grade. (depending on registration numbers, this could change)
    • All players must wear a mask at all times - both when on the bench and when playing on the court - no exceptions.
    • Team benches will be extended along the entire sidelines to promote social distancing.

  • Coaches
    • All coaches must wear a mask at all times during scrimmages - no exceptions.
  • Practices
    • Teams will NOT have weekly practices at D58 schools. Due to schools not being open to students, there is no availability for practices to be held. The league will be scrimmages only on weekends.
  • Scrimmages
    • Scrimmages will be held on Saturdays (K-4th) or Sundays (5th-8th) each weekend.
    • Only two courts (normally 3-4 courts) will be used each weekend in order to space out groups. Scrimmage times will be staggered as well.
    • Two teams will be paired up and scrimmage against each other for the entire season.
    • Teams will be asked to leave the gym immediate after their scrimmages, no post-game snacks or meetings will be allowed.
  • Spectators
    • For scrimmage days, each player will be allowed only one spectator/parent to attend scrimmages. This will ensure we do not exceed our maximum group sizes and can ensure proper social distancing.
    • All players, coaches, and spectators will have their temperatures checked before they enter the Recreation Center each week. If the temperature is above 100.3 degrees, they will not be allowed to enter the building.
    • We will only be using two courts in the Recreation Center for scrimmages, so all spectators will be spread out and socially distanced during games.
    • All spectators must wear masks at all times while in the Recreation Center - no exceptions.
  • Jersey Information
    • The jersey is the same jersey worn during the Fall 2020 season.
    • All players who did not play in Fall 2020 will receive a new jersey with their registration fee and will receive their jersey from their head coach on their first scheduled day.
    • Any player who participated in the Fall 2020 season will receive a $20 discount on their Winter 2021 registration.
  • Registration takes place online only

REGISTer online

Information for all Basketball Divisions

Volunteer coaches introduce participants to the fundamentals of playing basketball through practices and weekend games. The league emphasizes proper techniques, knowledge of the rules, team strategy, participation and fun!

The Park District Youth Basketball League relies on volunteer coaches and every team must have a coach. Anyone interested in coaching should fill out the above Volunteer Coaches form and email to Josh Williams at *Both new and returning coaches need to fill out the form*