Located on Walnut Avenue south of Ogden Avenue on the northwest corridor of Downers Grove, the Walnut Park property is easily accessible by I-355 and I-88. Acquired through two past land purchases--4.8 acres in 2008 and 14.8 acres in 2015--the Walnut Park property currently features one soccer field and a small picnic pavilion with a gravel parking lot. The site is mostly undeveloped land featuring a mowed path, which connects to the Belmont Prairie Buffer and Nature Preserve.


Over the last decade, Downers Grove Park District has gathered input from the community regarding the development of this site. Community feedback has been collected through a needs assessment (2017), public open house (2017), stakeholder interviews (2017) and focus group discussions (2013). This past input indicated a high demand for an indoor sports facility featuring artificial turf and other recreation amenities.

In 2020, the Downers Grove Park District began work on a long-term master plan for the Walnut Park property. The process kicked off with a community-wide survey, which was conducted in December. This survey indicated a high desire for the following amenities: Walking & Biking Trails, Multi-purpose Space, Sports Training & Performance Space, 100x60 Yard Synthetic Turf, Tennis Courts, a Playground and Dog Park. The District is also committed to preserving and protecting the natural areas adjacent to the Belmont Prairie and buffer by providing new nature-based education opportunities at the request of community members.

View the 2020 Survey Summary


Since the beginning of 2021, the Downers Grove Park District has worked with the design team at Wight & Company to create conceptual design plans for the site at no cost to the District. These initial renderings and site plans will help the community to envision the future of the site and possible amenities it could offer.

The initial proposal incorporates a majority of the recommended and desired indoor and outdoor recreation amenities as well as nature-based recreation opportunities, including an interpretive pavilion. Additional native landscaping would complement Belmont Prairie and provide a sound buffer and privacy for the homes of nearby residents.

The District anticipates the long-term master plan for the Walnut Park property to be implemented over numerous years and a series of phases.

Indoor Recreation Phase: Athletic Dome & Sports Complex

  • 155,000 square foot athletic dome
  • 100 x 65 yard synthetic turf that can be configured for:
    • Soccer
    • Football
    • Lacrosse
    • Rugby
    • Little league practice
    • 30,000 square foot convertible conference zone that can configured to accommodate:
      • 4 Full basketball courts
      • 8 Practice basketball courts
      • 8 Volleyball court
      • 8 Pickleball courts
  • Dividable space for meetings, events and expos
  • Walking/running track
  • Gymnastics studio
  • Sports medicine suite
  • Training/sports performance space
  • Locker room and restrooms
  • Cafe/snack bar
  • Administrative office
  • Parking
  • Landscaping (residential buffer, bioswales and rain gardens)

Outdoor Recreation Phase

  • Synthetic turf featuring two fields with flexible configuration to accommodate:
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Rugby
    • Lacrosse
    • Field hockey
    • Softball
    • ADA accessible playground and splashpad
    • Walking/running path connecting to Belmont Prairie and buffer
    • Outdoor restrooms

Nature & Prairie Phase

  • Improve and expand trails throughout the prairie buffer
  • Interpretive signage along paths
  • Nature pavilion
    • 5,000 square feet
    • Indoor/outdoor flexible multipurpose space
    • Restrooms
    • Office
    • Parking



View the Walnut Park Master Plan Q&A

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Community input is a vital component in developing new recreation amenities to meet the current and future needs and desires of residents living in Downers Grove. The Park District invites the community to attend an upcoming Plan Your Park Open House to preview the concepts and give feedback as we continue the long-term master planning process for the Walnut Park property.

Plan Your Park Open Houses

Walnut Park Pavilion on Walnut Ave.
Tuesday, Sept. 28: 4-6pm (Site walkthrough at 5pm)
Wednesday, Oct. 6: 12-2pm (Site walkthrough at 1pm)
Saturday, Oct. 9: 10am-12pm (Site walkthrough at 11am)

Preview the long-term master plan and conceptual drawings proposed for Walnut Park. District staff will be available for questions and will welcome feedback from the community. Staff will also provide a site walkthrough for those interested. Refreshments will be served. In the case of inclement weather, the open house will be moved to the Downers Grove Recreation Center.

Can't make our Plan Your Park Open Houses? View our presentation and provide feedback through our feedback form!

What's Next

  • Oct. 21: Community feedback shared with Board of Commissioners at Regular Board Meeting
  • Winter 2021: Revisions to plans developed by Wight & Company
  • Beginning of 2022: Feasibility study conducted and presented to Board of Commissioners
  • Spring of 2022: Long-term master plan finalized