Winter Recreation

Sat December 1, 2018

VIew Winter Recreation ActivitiES

While the ice rinks have been installed at Prince PondWhitlock Park and McCollum Park, they aren't quite ready for skating yet. 

Please note: 

  • It takes several days of single-digit and low-teen temperatures for sufficient ice to form. 
  • Staff monitors thickness and requires 8 inches of ice to open for skating. 
  • Ice maintenance will occur after staff has completed snow plowing duties for the day.
  • Green flags: Indicate ice rink conditions are safe at cleared spots only.
  • Red flags: Indicate dangerous skating conditions; rink is closed.
  • If you witness an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.



Once the rinks are open, an announcement will be made here and on our social media sites as well as our Rainout Line.