Walnut Park Master Planning

Fri January 1, 2021

WALNUT PARK master planning

The Downers Grove Park District has begun work on a long-term master plan for the existing Walnut Park property—a 19.6-acre parcel of land located on Walnut Avenue just south of Ogden Avenue in the northwest corner of Downers Grove. Community input is a vital component in developing new recreation amenities to meet the current and future needs and desires of residents living in Downers Grove. Therefore, the Park District conducted a community-wide survey from Dec. 9 to 23, 2020, to gauge the interest of specific amenities as we begin this process. 

Downers Grove Park District Executive Director, Bill McAdam, is excited for the District to establish a long-term vision for the Walnut Park property.

“Community engagement in the planning process for Walnut Park is essential in developing a site that meets the needs of Downers Grove residents. This survey will help guide us through the master planning process as we envision the recreation opportunities this premier destination could provide for residents," said McAdam.



view the focus forward master plan

About Walnut Park

Acquired through two past land purchases—4.8 acres in 2008 and 14.8 acres in 2015—the Walnut Park property currently features one soccer field and a small picnic pavilion with a gravel parking lot. The site is mostly undeveloped land featuring a mowed path, which connects to the Belmont Prairie Buffer and Nature Preserve.

Over the last decade, the Downers Grove Park District has gathered input from the community regarding the development of this site. Community feedback was collected through a needs assessment, stakeholder interviews and focus group discussions. This past input indicated a high demand for an indoor sports facility featuring artificial turf and other recreation amenities.

The results of the recent Walnut Park survey conducted in December 2020 can be viewed here.