Pickleball Update

Sat January 1, 2022

Downers Grove Park District understands the desire and need for more pickleball in the community and we are working to develop both short-term and long-term solutions.


  • The District has purchased 3 additional pickleball nets to be installed at the Recreation Center as soon as possible. We hope to have temporary lines drawn on these new courts soon (until a permanent solution for lines is feasible). This will provide 6 total pickleball courts for open gym, which is currently available at the Recreation Center on M/W/F from 9:30am to 12:30pm. View the monthly open gym schedules at www.dgparks.org/open-gym. Due to existing recreation programming offered in the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, open gym is not available on these days.
  • The District is actively meeting with a community partner to explore the possibility of offering another location with additional hours to residents.


  • Doerhoefer Park courts will be resurfaced this coming spring and will feature 2 permanent outdoor pickleball courts.
  • The McCollum Park improvement project will begin this coming summer/fall to be completed by the spring of 2023. The project will include renovated tennis courts with LED lighting, and will feature 8 permanent pickleball courts and 16 additional flexible courts, which can be used for tennis or pickleball (proposed design pictured below).

Proposed Design: 

  • Master planning for Walnut Park is underway. Over the last few months, community feedback has indicated a high desire for indoor pickleball courts. The District is exploring flexible indoor court space, which would be available inside an athletic dome. The master plan is still a work in progress and we continue to ask for community feedback. Learn more about the project and provide feedback at www.dgparks.org/walnut-park-master-plan.

Thank you for your patience as the Park District works to develop more options for residents. The popularity and interest in pickleball is very exciting and we are eager to offer more pickleball opportunities soon!