The Downers Grove Park District is embarking on a journey that focuses forward

Tue August 22, 2017

The Downers Grove Park District is seeking resident input as part of its initiative to develop a new 10-year master plan that will lay out a vibrant future for the Park District and the community it serves. The Focus Forward Master Plan will emerge over the next few months through input gathered from residents and stakeholders in Downers Grove.

The Downers Grove Park District invites the community to share in this exciting journey by attending the first of three community open houses to be held from 5 to 8 pm on September 6 at the Recreation Center located at 4500 Belmont Road in Downers Grove. All Downers Grove Park District residents are encouraged to attend this open house to learn more about the master planning process and share ideas, thoughts and suggestions to help shape the future of the District.

The Lakota Group, a landscape architecture and urban planning firm with over 23 years of experience nationwide, is leading the Downers Grove Park District through the master planning process. A crucial phase of the process is a needs assessment—collecting and analyzing community input and evaluating district resources—which relies heavily on community engagement through public open houses, stakeholder interviews and surveys.

An extensive survey was mailed to approximately 2,500 randomly selected Downers Grove Park District residents at the beginning of August. The survey asks residents to indicate their recreational needs, share suggestions and rate their satisfaction regarding parks, facilities, programs and more offered by the Downers Grove Park District. The District urges any residents who were selected to receive this survey to return it as soon as possible.

To gather feedback from residents not selected for the random survey, a new online community portal has been launched at In addition to an online version of the survey, the community portal provides information about upcoming public open houses and updates on the master planning process. Results collected from the mailed survey and the online survey will be analyzed as part of the needs assessment and will be shared on the website.

After analyzing the data collected through the needs assessment, The Lakota Group will guide the Park District in refining and prioritizing long-term goals to improve programs, parks and facilities to meet the evolving recreational needs of the community. To learn more about The Focus Forward Master Plan, please visit

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