D&J Landscape Union Protest

Mon February 5, 2024

D&J Landscape Union Protest at the Downers Grove Recreation Center

DOWNERS GROVE, IL—The Downers Grove Park District is aware of a union protest occurring at the Downers Grove Recreation Center, located at 4500 Belmont Ave. in Downers Grove. This protest arises from the recent contract between the Park District and D&J Landscape, Inc. for the Constitution Park Renovation Project. The union’s grievances are connected to a prior project undertaken by D&J Landscape with an unrelated organization, not associated with the Downers Grove Park District or its current construction projects.

In adherence to Illinois statutes, the Park District diligently followed the formal bid process for the Constitution Park renovations. D&J Landscape, Inc. fully complied with all aspects of the Illinois code and emerged as the lowest responsible bidder. Subsequent to the bid opening, the District's staff and Board received communication from the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting, highlighting a violation by D&J Landscape Inc. in 2021. The notification revealed that the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) had determined D&J Landscape’s breach of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act due to failure in paying the prevailing wage rate to workers on a public works project. D&J Landscape has paid a fine in connection to this violation. The IDOL’s violation notice stipulates that any recurrence would result in the contractor being barred from engaging in public projects for a four-year period.

As D&J Landscape, Inc. stood out as the lowest qualified bidder and with no current legal impediments preventing the District from entering into a contract with them, the decision was made to proceed with the Constitution Park Renovation agreement.

Under the provisions of the Illinois Labor Dispute Act, unions have the right to protest by placing signs and vehicles in public right-of-ways. The union has selected the Recreation Center as their protest site, aligning with these requirements and leveraging its high visibility.

The renovation of Constitution Park, located adjacent to the Lincoln Center at 935 Maple Ave., will begin in February and will continue through the end of June 2024. The Downers Grove Park District has received three separate grants to fund these improvements, which includes a new fully accessible playground, new pathway and pavilion. To learn more about this project, please visit dgparks.org.