Downers Grove Museum receives Award of Superior Achievement

Mon April 24, 2023

On Friday, April 21, 2023, the Downers Grove Museum was presented with an Award of Superior Achievement in the category of Building/Site Preservation from the Illinois Association of Museums (IAM) for the restoration of the 1846 Israel Blodgett House.

The Award Committee surmised that the project is a testament to the commitment of the community that a key piece of Downers Grove history was not only preserved but transformed into an educational space for the public to understand both local history as well as larger connections to the Underground Railroad.

Best Practices Awards are presented statewide by a six-person committee of museum professionals, and while they are non-competitive, the awards are given out in hierarchal levels. For our project, the museum did have the honor of being presented with the highest award level of Superior Achievement. While the museum has received Best Practices Awards in the past, this is the first time the museum has received this honor.

Thank you to all Downers Grove Park District staff, and especially the Downers Grove Museum staff whose dedication and support contributed to the completion of our 1846 Israel Blodgett House. We are really excited we are able share this building’s amazing history with the community as part of the Downers Grove Museum campus!

IAM Award Levels:

Award of Superior Achievement: Recognition of superior achievement that serves as a model for the profession and reaches a greater public.

Certification of Excellence: Recognition of work of exemplary quality showing considerable creativity, serious scholarship, and/or an efficient utilization of resources.

Award of Merit: Recognition of scholarship, creativity, or resourcefulness in a project of historical significance by a non-professional.