Grazers return to Belmont Prairie Buffer

Tue August 1, 2023

aug. 22 update:

The grazers have completed their work at the Downers Grove Park District for 2023 and have moved on to their next assignment.

The grazers have returned! 

For the TENTH year, goats and sheep will graze natural areas maintained by the Downers Grove Park District. A herd of goats and sheep will assist with natural brush management over 6 acres at the Belmont Prairie Buffer located on Walnut Avenue. The herd will be at the Belmont Prairie Buffer through Aug. 20 (or sooner depending on how quickly they clear the invasive plants).

The District has contracted this service with Vegetation Solutions, a Wisconsin-based green business focused on vegetation management through controlled grazing. 

The herd will spend time grazing at each paddock eating a variety of plants including common buckthorn, honeysuckle, roses, spotted knapweed, Queen Anne’s lace and even poison ivy. During their visit, the animals will clear approximately 6 feet of browse line reducing the growth height. Clearing the invasive species will allow favorable plants to grow in these areas.

The livestock will be kept in their paddock by a low-voltage electric fence. The District asks for visitors to keep themselves and leashed dogs away from the fence during this time. Keep in mind that the goats are working during their visit—please look, but don’t touch.

About Vegetation Solutions

Vegetation Solutions is an environmentally friendly company focusing on land management through the use of controlled grazing with livestock. For more information, call 715.347.7196 or visit