Nurture your little sprout in our nature-based early childhood program based on the forest school model! Research has shown that unstructured outdoor play and nature-based exploration to be the perfect groundwork for meaningful learning and growth. Lyman Woods' NaturePlay School provides this and more! We spend much of our time fostering creativity, teamwork, and social skills through unstructured play on our trails and in our Wild Woods play area. Your child will also learn about the animals and ecology of the forest, wetlands, and prairie through fun hands-on lessons designed specifically for early childhood. Your child might plant trees, build forts, care for a garden, cook over a campfire, wood-work, and hike and explore our trails and look for mystery boxes! They will work on content such as science skills, language, and math without even knowing it! We spend as much time as possible outside in our 135 acres, but will use the Interpretive Center as a home base in inclement weather.

We offer classes for both 3-year-olds and 4-6-year-olds, in morning or afternoon options. Morning classes run from 9-11am. Afternoon classes run from 12:15-2:15pm. The Fall 2021, options will be as follows:

3-year-old class options:

- Tuesday/Thursday AM

- Tuesday/Thursday PM

- Wednesday/Friday AM

4-6-year-old class options:

- Tuesday/Thursday AM

- Tuesday/Thursday PM

- Wednesday/Friday AM

- Wednesday/Friday PM

Monday Add-a-day:

New for 2021-2022 schol year year we are also offering a Monday add-a-day class for those students who would like more time at Lyman Woods. This class does not coincide with any teachings throughout the week and is only open to students who are registered for a NaturePlay School class. We have a morning option for 3's and 4-6's, and an afternoon option for 4-6's.

Fall 2021 registration information

Students wanting to sign up for our fall 2021 classes must be 3 by the start date for the 3-year-old classes, and 4 by the start date for the 4-6-year-old classes. NaturePlay School fall semester will run from September 7th to December 17th 2021.

Registration for the fall semester will begin on:

- March 8th at 9:00am for those students currently registered in Winter/Spring 2021

- April 5th at 9:00am for NEW students.

Students wishing to join throughout the semester may or may not be able to join depending on current COVID rules and regulations.

For any questions regarding NaturePlay School, please us at or 630.963.9388.