Museum Camps

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge while having fun at the same time! The Downers Grove Museum offers history-related, week-long summer camps of varying topics to appeal to all ages and interests. Learn about interesting aspects of history or acquire a new skill through fun and engaging activities. Most Museum Camps are for ages 7 to 10.

History Mysteries

Practice your sleuthing skills at the Museum! Solve a new mystery each day in the 1892 Blodgett House, the homestead barn, throughout the Museum camps, and even in downtown Downers Grove! Ages 7-10

American Girl Doll Camp

Spend a week of camp getting to know different American Girl dolls and their historical period. Each doll has a fascinating tale, which makes history fun to learn! Bring your favorite doll every day to partake in crafts, stories and adventures. Ages 6-9

Incredible Inventions

Explore some of the inventions that have changed the world with fun, hands-on activities! Put on your own thinking cap and create some new inventions of your own! Ages 9-12

Local Hero Camp

NEW! Discover what it takes to be one of Downers Grove's bravest by checking out our hot new camp! We'll investigate the 1920 pumper truck, participate in fun, hands-on activities and utilize other detective skills as we learn the stories of DG's bravest firefighters and police officers, past and present. Ages 5-8

Exploding History

Spend the week in the Museum lab performing exciting experiments related to some of the most explosive scientific discoveries in history! Ages 7-10

Crazy + Cool Artists

Spend a week learning the stories behind some of the art world's craziest and coolest artists and create fun, creative works of art! Ages 9-12

Time Traveler

Come along with us in the Museum Time Machine to discover what life was like in the past! Each day we will visit a new period in time and explore what life was like through hands-on activities, games and more. Ages 6-9

Young Explorers

NEW! We'll travel back in time to discover how lands were explored through fun, hands-on activities and games. Ages 5-8

Messy & Exploding Art

Come get messy during this camp that combines art and science! Paint with rockets, make exploding concoctions and gooey slime. Ages 7-10