nature center birthday partyAre you a real party animal? Add an exciting twist to the traditional birthday party and celebrate your birthday at Lyman Woods! Your wild party includes outdoor adventures led by a naturalist, as well as time for opening gifts and eating cake in the Interpretive Center or outdoors in the picnic area.

Ages 9+

  • Beekeeping (Apr-Sept): Discover what it takes to be a beekeeper! Suit up and learn all about the fascinating honeybee. Take a trip to the bee yard, and observe live honeybees at work.
  • Archery (Apr-Oct): Aim for fun! Learn archery basics and shooting safety, then hit the range for target practice using compound bows.

Ages 7+

  • Wilderness Skills: Discover what it takes to survive in the wilderness! Explore the wild woods while you challenge your wilderness skills.
  • Orienteering: Put your map skills to the test as you find your way through the forest navigating an orienteering course!
  • Predator & Prey: Examine skulls and pelts as you explore the adaptations that help predators hunt and help prey from becoming dinner!
  • Gross Out Nature: Explore the not-so-pretty side of nature! We'll explore all that is slimy, stinky and just plain gross.
  • Nature at Night: Check out Lyman Woods after dark! Explore sounds in the night, stars in the sky, and search for signs of nocturnal animals.

Ages 4+

  • Bug Bonanza (May-Sept): Use butterfly nets, bug jars and magnifiers to go on a bug hunt for the tiniest animals at Lyman Woods.
  • Wildlife Detectives: Grab a magnifier and search the trails for signs of wildlife! Check out biofacts, and identify tracks, scat and animal homes.
  • Bird Brains: Search the tree tops with binoculars to find our feathered friends, and inspect feathers and other bird biofacts.
  • Wild Wetlands (Apr-Sept): Dip into the pond at Lyman Woods to find pond critters! Search for turtles and frogs, and dip for tadpoles, aquatic insects and more!
  • Snowy Tracks (Dec-Mar): Take a wild walk through the woods on snowshoes for winter wonders. If poor trail conditions exist, winter wildlife tracking will be substituted for snowshoeing.

Ages 3+

  • Nature Play: Hands-on nature play! Investigate and explore outdoor activity stations with guidance from our naturalists. An adult is expected to accompany their child(ren).

Fee: $125/party (up to 10 children) $5/each additional child

Add on Campfire Fun! Extend your party with a 30-minute campfire program, complete with s'mores (additional fee of $40 applies).

Call the Interpretive Center at 630.963.9388 to book your wild party!
Parties must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.