About the Program

Tuesday, Oct. 20 to Friday, Dec. 18 (39 school days) o 7:45am to 5:00pm

No LINK on Oct. 23, Nov. 3, Nov. 25, Nov. 26 and Nov. 27

  • Ages: District 58 students in grades 1 to 6
  • Ratio: One staff member for every 4 to 6 students for remote learning and one staff member for every 10 students for after school LINK

This program is designed for children attending school onsite from 12:20-2:50pm during School District 58's Hybrid Learning Model. Participants in grades 1-6 will complete AM remote learning at the LINK. After lunch, children will be bussed to their schools for their onsite learning. After onsite learning is complete, children will be bussed back to the Lincoln Center for the after school portion of the day.

This program will take place at the Lincoln Center where staff will supervise the learning environment and assist with logging into remote learning, basic computer questions and oversee the participant's daily school schedules. This program is best for independent learners as the LINK Program Staff are not educators or tutors, but rather facilitators for remote learning and are not responsible for any learning outcomes. Breaks for morning and afternoon snack and lunch will be given based on the school schedule. During the after school portion of the day participants will enjoy a variety of activities, games, crafts, and explore the outdoors. Children will utilize the secured LINK WiFi for remote learning. This program is scheduled to operate during School District 58's Hybrid Learning Phase Oct. 20 to Dec. 18. Note: The student to staff ratio may be 1:10 once remote learning is complete for the day.


  • Transportation routes will be determined based on the number of students enrolled in the LINK Hybrid Learning Program for each school. It is not guaranteed. If LINK enrollment is low at a particular school, the District may be unable to provide transportation.
  • Transportation is provided through a combination of First Student Busses, in partnership with School District 58, and park district owned and operated 15 passenger vehicles.
  • Students will be bussed from the Lincoln Center to their schools for onsite learning 12:20-2:50pm. Once the onsite school day is complete students will be bussed back to the Lincoln Center where the after school day will take place from school dismissal until 5pm.
  • Important! When parents fill out their commitment form for the schools, they must indicate that their student needs transportation to ensure they are placed in PM school.

Program Fee

  • $1,875 for the full 39 school days
  • We offer a pay in full or payment plan option
  • Payment Plan Option:
    • $300 is due upon registration with a registration deadline of Oct. 13
    • The remaining fee will be divided up into three equal payments of $525 billed on the 15th of October, November, and December through automatic withdrawal process

How to Register

  • Currently enrolled LINK Remote Learning Program participants will have priority registration for the LINK Remote Learning Program. Priority registration will end at 12:00pm on Tuesday, Oct. 6.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and limited spots are available.
  • Beginning at 12:00pm on Tuesday, Oct. 6, any remaining spots will be available to any 3rd to 6th grade student in District 58. The final registration deadline is Oct. 13.
  • If spots are not available, we strongly encourage families to enroll on the waitlist because as more staff is secured, additional students will be enrolled from the waitlist. We will do our best to accommodate as many students from the waitlist as we can allow based on our indoor capacity limits and staffing ratios.
  • Please register online using the registration code: 4170M05-01.
  • Students of employees of District 58 and 99 are eligible to enroll at the resident rate.