The Golf Academy at the Downers Grove Golf Club started in 1993 with the addition of our 300 yard, 24-station driving range and short game area. The Academy covers everything from full swing to course management and short-game analysis as well as putting consistency. From 30-minute private lessons, to one-hour golf schools, to week long golf camps, the Downers Grove Golf Academy offers a multitude of customized group and private teaching programs.


The Golf Academy has various levels of instruction for the adult golfers. Whether it's a private setting, group atmosphere or just a night out with the ladies, our instructors will cater to your golf needs. Please browse our adult options for golf lessons and clinics.

Private Adult & Junior Lessons

Private golf lessons provide a one-on-one atmosphere with one of our certified golf professionals for 1/2-hour sessions. The analysis of the swing is explained and taught at the student's level of understanding. All golf balls are included with each lesson. Adults may also purchase private 45 minute sessions.

Semi-private Adult or Junior Lessons

Semi-private lessons provide golf instruction in a group setting. Learn the golf game or improve your skills with someone you know. All golf balls are included with each lesson. Lessons are 1-hour for adults and 45-minutes for Juniors.

On-Course Lessons

Private & semi-private lessons provide a one-on-one atmosphere with one of our certified golf professional. The analysis of the swing is explained and taught at the student's level of understanding.

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Junior golfers can still work on their game during the winter months at the Recreation Center. Each participant receives practice balls during each session, Junior Rules Book and instruction by our golf professionals. We ask Junior golfers to bring their own clubs if they have some. Only a limited number of practice clubs are available for use. No make-ups are available during the sessions.

Participants must have their own golf clubs. Camps are led by our two certified Golf Professionals, Jim Festle and Tom Olms.



Women's Only Golf School

This school provides golf instruction in a group atmosphere with all women. It is a four week school that covers a new aspect of the golf game each week. All lessons are taught in 1-hour sessions and golf balls are included. Pre-registration is required.

Parent/Child Golf Lessons

Learn the great game of golf with your child! Classes accommodate all skill levels. Topics covered include grip, stance, swing, club selection, ball striking and basic etiquette and rules. All students must provide their own clubs.

Group Golf Lessons

Have you been looking to pick up the game of golf but feel you can use some pointers and advice? Group golf lessons are a great way to familiarize or get reacquainted with the game! Topics covered include grip, stance, swing club selection, ball striking and basic etiquette and rules.


Golf Clinics

Throughout the season, our Golf Professionals Tom Olms and Jim Festle will be conducting clinics that will focus on a different game-enhancing skill set. Put the time in this year to enrich your golf game. No matter your current golf skill level, these golf clinics will help lower scores, and build confidence and accuracy. Attend one clinic or attend them all. More information on the clinics and pricing will be available soon or sign up by calling the Pro Shop 630.963.1306.

  • Superspeed Golf Training: Increase your club-head speed in this 5-week program used by over 600 touring professionals.

  • Eyeline Putting Clinics: Improve your skills on the greens with these tour proven drills and teaching aids.

  • Skills Clinics: Our pros will focus on a specific skill from off the tee to your short game.

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Jim Festle, PGTCA Golf Instructor

Jim is starting his 18th season at Downers Grove Golf course. He previously managed and taught at the Diversey Driving Range in Chicago. Last year, he became the varsity golf coach at Riverside Brookfield High School where he had three players advance to the IHSA state sectionals.

He has now given lessons to well over 200 high school golfers and has had numerous go on to play college golf. He has also given high school team clinics and group lessons the past decade at Downers Grove Golf Club.

His teaching philosophy is to keep the golf swing as simple and easy to understand as possible. By sticking with the fundamentals and developing good practice habits, golfers should have some degree of success depending on how much quality time is put into practice. By repeating a fundamentally sound swing, developing a "feel" for a good swing, and creating good muscle memory, the student will develop a good golf swing.

Tom Olms, USGTF Affiliate Member

Tom Olms began teaching golf in 1990 as the assistant golf professional at Village Greens Golf Course where he developed the Junior Golf Program. Tom is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and received a bachelor's degree in science. He was recently involved in the creation of a swing training device unique to the teaching field.

He is a USGTF Affiliate Member. His training helped him translate how to properly understand and feel what a sound golf swing requires. Stressing the most fundamental aspects of the golf swing and proper mechanics are his keys to a repeatable swing. With practice and patience all of his students have benefited from his teaching methods.