TRIP: Greek Museum - 7.18.18

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Lincoln Center

Exciting and thought-provoking exhibits draw from thousands of years of Greek history and culture, including immigration. Rooted in all things Greek, we are guided through mini tours of main exhibits including the immigration of Greeks across the Atlantic, tracing the difficult path to becoming American, and highlights of the contributions Greeks brought to building the United States. Weather dependent, the tour will conclude with a trip to the museum’s rooftop overlooking the “Old Greek Town”. After we travel just a block away to the Artopolis Café for lunch on your own. Set in a modern loft-style space with an open air kitchen, it’s a unique and wonderful dining experience. Deadline is June 18. Activity Level 2

Adult Club Member: $26
Resident: $28 / Non-resident: $30
Ages: 55+