Autumn Outrageous Oobleck Lab - 11.11.20

Time: 5:00 PM

Location: Lincoln Center

Scent it, color it, and experiment! Oobleck is an insanely FUN science lab experience. It’s perfect for kids who love working with test tubes and textures. Is it a liquid or a solid? BOTH! We will celebrate the fall season as we mix ingredients to make our Oobleck smell like: Pumpkin Pie, a crisp autumn evening, marshmallow fireside, caramel apples, and more fall sensational scents. Oobleck, named for a gooey substance that fell from the sky in a Dr. Suess story, is wild and messy fun, so don’t wear your Sunday best to this lab!

Ages: 6-12
Location: Lincoln Center
Residents: $25 / Non-residents: $38

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