To benefit from your workout at 4500 Fitness, make an appointment with a personal trainer who will work with you to design a customized program. Personal trainers will help you start up an exercise program, learn correct and safe techniques, find information on health and wellness, stay motivated and meet your goals. For information, call 630.960.7250.

Training Package Fitness Member Non-Member
1 Session Individual $50 $60
5 Sessions Individual $240 $295
10 Sessions individual $460 $562
1 Group Session $80 $100
5 Group Sessions $390 $490
10 Group Sessions $760 $974

Valid for six months from date of purchase. Group training consists of two people trained in the same session by the same trainer.



Did you know that 68.8% of Americans are considered overweight or obese? Are you wanting change but unsure where to begin? If you are more than 50 pounds overweight and are ready to transform your lifestyle, this is the program for you! Taught by Pete Wilt, a Nationally Certified ACE® Personal Trainer and Health Coach with proven success and a 23 year veteran in the fitness field. Get the support and instruction you need to change your life by changing your lifestyle. In this program you will get:

A 26-week program broken down into two (13-week sessions); Exercise Instruction; Nutrition Information; Weight Loss plan; Support - meetings, email, text and phone; Bi-monthly assessments; 20 (30-minute) personal sessions for each 13-week session, with your Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach

Fee Fitness Member Non-Member
13 Weeks $500 $620
26 Weeks $980 $1220

Each client will be required to fill out a personal training packet and a doctor's note may be required. Once you begin your 13-week session, no refunds will be applied. Non-Member pricing includes a fitness membership for the length of the program.


Become a 4500 Fitness member before age 15! Teens ages 12 to 14 can get certified to be a Fitness Center member by completing a training program with an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer. This personalized training program includes three one-hour sessions focused on proper warm-up, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, cool down, nutrition, fitness etiquette and safe and correct form on 4500 Fitness machines. Eligibility is determined by the personal trainer. Once you are certified you can purchase a 4500 Fitness membership and you no longer need a parent/guardian to be with you in 4500 Fitness. Please contact the Recreation Center at 630.960.7250 for details.

Participants who successfully complete Teen Fitness University can now sign up for a Fitness Membership with no enrollment fee if they do so within 30-days of completing the program.

Resident Fee: $60. Non-Resident Fee: $90



Personal Training Staff at 4500 Fitness will design a workout customized for you, help you learn correct and safe techniques, stay motivated and meet your goals. For information about our personal trainers, call 630.960.7250.

Casey Lee
Casey is certified through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers and his goal is to educate and motivate his clients to a healthier life. He believes it's essential to meet his client where they're currently at in their fitness journey and take purposeful steps in the direction of their goals.
Anna Aquino
Anna is certified by the American Council of Exercise and is eager to help you experience the physical and emotional benefits of fitness. Her goals are to educate and motivate you and to help you define and achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
Samantha Bland
Samantha has a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition, she is also certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. As a former collegiate volleyball player, she is very familiar with sports training and Olympic power lifts. She enjoys working with young athletes that are determined to improve their performance with training in the weight room along with clients who are interested in weight loss.
Pete Wilt
Pete is certified by the American Council on Exercise and is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and motivation to achieve and maintain your fitness or sports performance objectives. Pete incorporates the latest health information and techniques into your customized training plan.