Martial Arts

Shotokan Karate

Children and Adults universally enjoy learning the art of karate. Classes are taught by Illinois Shotokan Karate Club's expert instructors under the direction of John Di Pasquale, four-time National Champion, U.S. Karate National Coach and President of the National Karate Federation of the US. Uniforms and belt testing are options available through the ISKC instructor. Youth, Parent/Child and Adult Classes may train together.

Illinois Shotokan Karate Club is headquartered in Palatine, and has grown to serve 75 park districts around the Chicagoland area. The club offers recreational weekly classes taught by knowledgeable instructors, as well as opportunities to compete. In addition to four local tournaments hosted by ISKC each year, the club also offers the opportunity for students to compete in national and international tournaments. ISKC is known for their quality competitors and high level coaching. In 2013, the club had 28 athletes represent Team USA at the World Shotokan Karate Championships.


Taekwondo, one of the newest Olympic sports, is a 2000-year-old martial art, offering a variety of benefits for people of all ages and physical abilities. Students have the opportunity to improve concentration and self esteem, achieve lifelong physical fitness, and learn self-defense skills. Classes are taught under the direction of G.Master Ki Hong Kim* (9th Dan Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters.) A $45.00 uniform fee is required at the first class. Belt testing is offered through The KH Kim Taekwondo at an additional fee and is held twice a year. All colored belt students are required to have complete sparring gears.


Jiu-Jitsu is one of the oldest forms of self-defense and translates into the gentle art and is incredibly versatile and adaptable to any situation or person. Jiu-Jitsu allows one to be self-confident that they can handle any scenario. 99.9 percent of all fights end up on the ground. Where other martial arts finish Jiu Jitsu only begins. Ground fighting is the hidden power of Jiu-Jitsu. It enables the student to handle any type of ground attack including fighting from the back on the ground. It is the most effective form of self-defense and the greatest invention of mankind. Classes are taught by Coach Joe who holds a purple belt with 2 stripes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Coach Joe also has a yellow belt in Japanese Jiu-jitsu and Judo and has trained in the martial arts since 1987.