Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

We're Planning for the Future

Having a clear vision of where parks and recreation in Downers Grove should be in the future is a vital step in reaching our goals. Vision 2020 is our Strategic Plan to guide the growth of Downers Grove Park District over the next five years. This plan, and a new Mission Statement, were created with the input of the Community, Staff and Board Members.

Mission Statement

Enriching our community through natural area preservation and exceptional recreation, parks, and facilities that inspire memorable experiences.


To be the community resource encouraging PLAY for L.I.F.E.
L- Leadership
I - Imagination
F- Fulfillment
E- Enjoyment

Going Forward

This plan will be used to guide the park district's Master Plan as well as annual goals and objectives for each department for the next five years.

Themes, Objectives & Initiatives