2018 Park and Facility Improvement Projects

doerhoefer park synthetic turf field

The existing synthetic turf field was installed in 2006 and after 12 years of use is due to be replaced.

  • Existing turf and rubber infill to be removed and replaced
  • New infill to feature "CoolPlay" technology, anticipated to reduce field temperatures by up to 30 degrees
  • Field renovation work scheduled to begin July 12
  • Renovation anticipated to take 6 weeks
  • Please note: the east parking lot (adjacent to the synthetic turf field) will be closed throughout the field renovation project

O'brien park playground renovation

Renovations at O'Brien Park located at 6909 S. Dunham Road will be completed by November. Improvements include a new accessible, paved path on the west side of the park. Two new ADA accessible playground structures will be installed featuring seven slides for ages 5 to 12, three slides for ages 2 to 5, a track ride and an inclusive revolution spinner for multiple users.


A new driving range shelter is coming to the Downers Grove Golf Club this summer. The shelter will cover ten of the driving range hitting stations and will feature infrared heaters, lights, ceiling fans and garage doors. Learn more

mar-duke farm water line project

Completed in April, the Downers Grove Park District renovated the existing water lines at Mar-Duke Farm. The renovation replaced six existing hydrants and connected the hydrants on the south side of the drive to newer water service on the north of the drive.


Completed in February, functional and aesthetic improvements have been made to the elevator at the Lincoln Center to provide a more enjoyable ride that is safer, smoother and faster.