Comprehensive Master Plan

Wed January 10, 2024

Downers Grove Park District to launch development of new Master Plan

The Downers Grove Park District is embarking on an exciting journey as we kick off the development of a comprehensive Master Plan. By actively seeking input from our vibrant community through online surveys, engaging focus groups, and collaborative workshops, we aim to craft a dynamic, resident-driven roadmap for the future. This inclusive approach ensures that the plan will flex and adapt, shaping the District's parks, open spaces, amenities, facilities, and recreation programs to meet the evolving needs and desires of our diverse community. Get ready to be a part of shaping the future of recreation and parks in Downers Grove!

Master Plan Phases

The development of the Master Plan kicked off in late 2023 and will include the following phases:

  • Phase I: What is the Situation?
    • Information gathering and review (Online survey completed Dec. 22, 2023)
    • Public and stakeholder engagement
    • Recreation program assessment
  • Phase II: What is Important?
    • Review information and input gathered
    • Host a strategic priority workshop with Board of Commissioners
    • Identify key strategic focus areas and establish direction
  • Phase III: Where Do We Want to Go?
    • Define our vision and set goals
    • Identify key results desired
    • Develop and prioritize strategies to obtain goals
  • Phase IV: What is the Path to Success?
    • Host brainstorming workshops with staff to identify possible actions, initiatives and tactics
    • Host an action-planning workshop with Planning Team to confirm specific actions
  • Phase V: How Are We Getting There?
    • Finalize tools and resources to keep staff engaged and on track
    • Prepare the Master Plan document with action plan, strategy map and best practices for successful implementation
    • Present the Master Plan to the Board of Commissioners and community