Park District Celebrates Arbor Day

Fri April 28, 2017

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Downers Grove Park District worked with students to plant six new trees throughout the district and offered free seedlings to the public at the Recreation Center.

Lyman Woods: The Nature Playschool students planted three American basswoods near the bee apiary.

Constitution Park: Lincoln Center preschool students planted one white oak tree donated by the Downers Grove Garden Club.

Patriots Park: Students from Whittier School planted two bur oak trees.

For those who stopped by for a free seedling, here are some tips to plant your new tree:

  1. Dig a fairly straight hole from 8 to 10 inches deep and from 4 to 5 inches square. The hole should be deep enough and wide enough for all the seedling roots to fit without forcing them in.
  2. Remove the seedling from its package or planting bag. Carefully unpack the seedling to avoid damaging the roots.
  3. Insert the root system to the bottom of the hole, then slightly lift up the seedling to its desired planting depth. This technique improves the likelihood of keeping the tree roots straight and avoiding J-shaped or L-shaped roots. The “root collar” is the transition between the tree-stem and the root-stem. The root collar should be slightly below the ground surface.
  4. Hold the seedling upright while closing the hole. First, insert the tool behind the seedling hole and tilt back to close the bottom of the hole. Then, with the tool still inserted in the soil, push the tool forward to close the top of the hole. Finally, gently pack the soil with your foot to close any remaining hole.