As part of the McCollum Park Improvement Project, Adventure Falls will provide recreation opportunities for visitors of all ages! A phased opening of new and renovated amenities at Adventure Falls began in July 2023. Adventure Falls at McCollum Park is located at 6801 S. Main St. in Downers Grove.

Perimeter Pathway

  • Resurfaced and widened asphalt perimeter pathway completed
  • Coming in 2024: Seal coating plus center striping and graphics to indicate lane usage for pedestrians and bicycles

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

Open daily 7:30AM to 10PM

  • Sport Court Features:
    • New energy-efficient LED lighting with push button controls (court lights will automatically turn off at 10pm)
    • 8 dedicated pickleball courts
    • 3 dedicated tennis courts plus 3 tennis courts which can be converted for an additional 8 temporary pickleball courts
  • Please note: Park District programs and lessons take priority over open play on the tennis/pickleball courts.

Sprayground, Mini Golf and Plaza


  • Presented by Jackson Family Dentistry
  • Sprayground features:
    • Sprayground with three splash areas (tots, families and teens)
    • Abundant seating and shade
    • Picnic pavilion
    • Shower rooms
  • Renovated plaza area with picnic tables and benches
  • Rebranded miniature golf course (formerly Miner Mike's Adventure Golf)


Concept Plan

Click below to view the current Concept Plan depicting the sprayground and tennis/pickleball layout


construction updates

August 31, 2022

Construction fencing was installed in mid-August around the primary construction zone, and demolition work is underway! The temporary construction fencing surrounds the Miner Mike's concession and restroom building, the concession plaza and walkways south of the building, and the existing tennis courts. This area will be closed to the public for the duration of the project. Restrooms are currently available at the Baseball Core Area concession and restroom building south of the playground.

September 30, 2022

The contractor has now removed all of the tennis court fencing, tennis nets and posts, and asphalt surface. Over the next few weeks, demolition of the tennis courts will continue, including removal of the existing tennis lights, and work will begin on installing new underground utilities.

View from the main entrance at the north parking lot, with the concession seating area in the foreground and the tennis courts in the background. All tennis fencing and asphalt surfacing has now been removed.

October 14, 2022

The contractor has completed removal of the existing tennis lighting and has begun installation of new drains under the future tennis and pickleball courts. Work is also underway installing new storm sewers throughout the construction zone.

View of new drains being installed under the future pickleball courts at the south end of the construction zone.

November 15, 2022

The contractor recently installed a concrete retaining wall along the east edge of the future tennis and pickleball courts, and also began work on the concrete building foundation for the restroom and concession building expansion. The building expansion will house all of the new splash pad mechanical equipment, such as the water filtration system and the spray feature pumps.

Work has also begun on the asphalt pathway widening and resurfacing. The contractor is currently widening sections of the pathway at the south end of the park. As pathway construction progresses, the Park District intends to keep approximately half of the perimeter pathway open for use while the other half is closed for construction. Please watch for "Pathway Closed" and "Detour" signage on the pathways for new routes during construction!

This week, a few existing trees were removed along the pathway. While the upcoming pathway resurfacing work may impact some existing trees, the trees removed this week were already declining and in poor condition well before the project began, and needed to be removed.

View of the future tennis and pickleball courts. The subgrade has been prepared and will soon be ready for the asphalt court surface.

January 16, 2023

Throughout the month of December, the contractor continued to make progress despite colder temperatures and wet, muddy conditions. On December 5th, the first layer of asphalt (the "binder" course) was installed on the new tennis & pickleball courts. The second layer will be installed in late spring, likely April or early May, followed by the color coating.

The concrete building foundations were poured in early December and the block walls for the building addition were installed during the week of December 26th. On January 4th, the contractor dug holes for half of the tennis court light pole foundations, and the concrete foundations were poured the following day. The remaining half of the pole foundations are anticipated to be installed in late January. Most of the electrical conduit leading up to these poles has already been installed, so once the foundations are in place, the next step will be to pull wiring through the conduits and set the new light poles onto the foundations.

Installation of the block walls for the building expansion, where the sprayground water filters and pumps will be located.

March 31, 2023

Large swings in temperature in late February and early March made it difficult to schedule contractors for site work, but some work was completed on the concession building. For example, the roofing contractor was able to finish decking the new portion over the building addition, remove the old shingles from the existing portion of the building, and re-roof the entire building with new shingles. Site work recently completed includes installing the new tennis & pickleball light poles and fixtures onto the foundations.

Over the next few weeks, the contractor intends to resume site work, such as widening the perimeter pathway. While the asphalt needed to resurface the pathway likely won't be available until mid-to-late April, the contractor could continue excavating along the edge of the path and installing the gravel base into the widened portion in order to have it ready as soon as the asphalt is available. The contractor also plans to start installing the underground piping for the sprayground features.

The restroom and concession building expansion is nearly complete, with walls and new roof now in place.

May 5, 2023

Construction of the perimeter path has begun! This part of the project will include surfacing and widening the existing asphalt perimeter pathway to 8 feet.

May 15, 2023

During April and early May, the contractor began renovating the perimeter pathway, starting with installation of new concrete bench pads along the edge of the pathway and a small concrete retaining wall along the east side of the park (at 68th Street). Once the concrete had cured, the contractor began removing the existing pathway surface and placing the new gravel base layer on the south half of the park. During the pathway renovation work, portions of the pathway are closed, with barricades and signage installed at all access points along this section of the path.

At the concession building, the contractor cut new doorway openings through the exterior brick walls of the building. These new doors will lead into the showers from within each of the restrooms. They also cut a new window opening for the new ADA-compliant concession window being added to the concession stand. The contractor completed all rough plumbing in the building addition and are now ready to pour the floor slab in the showers and mechanical room, including the slab over the underground reservoir for the sprayground water.

On the tennis and pickleball courts, the contractor began installing the 10-foot tall perimeter fence posts. They also began preparing the gravel base layer below the sprayground and are now ready to begin placing the spray features.

Contractor "milling" to remove the old asphalt pathway surface on the south path.

June 5, 2023

During late May and early June, the contractor completed approximately half of the asphalt perimeter pathway renovation (south half), and began renovating the northeast section. During the pathway renovation work, portions of the pathway are closed, with barricades and signage installed at all access points along this section of the path.

At the concession building, the contractor poured the new concrete floor in the mechanical room, including the slab over the underground water reservoir. The new shower stalls were installed, and the electrician installed a new transformer and electrical panels that will supply power to the sprayground mechanical equipment. Additionally, the new fire sprinklers were installed throughout the building.

On the tennis and pickleball courts, the contractor finished installing the 10-foot tall perimeter fence posts, poured concrete walkways along the west edge of the courts, and installed the second layer of asphalt onto the courts. The new asphalt surface will need to cure for at least 3 weeks before the acrylic color coating can be applied.

At the sprayground, the contractor assembled two of the shade structures and poured their concrete footings, and also began placing the spray features that will be set into the concrete slab. The next step will be to install the piping to the spray features. Once this piping is in place, it will be inspected and pressure-tested, then the sprayground concrete slabs can be poured.

Contractor installing the second layer of asphalt on the new tennis and pickleball courts.

June 20, 2023

Construction of the perimeter path continues.

July 15, 2023

In June, the contractor finished paving the remaining sections of the asphalt perimeter pathway, so the full 1-mile loop of new 8-foot wide pathway was opened to the public on June 30. The landscape contractor is currently placing topsoil and grass seed along the edges of the pathway, to restore all areas disturbed by pathway construction.

On the tennis and pickleball courts, the contractor continued work on the 10-foot tall fencing by installing the chain link fabric on the east, south and west sides of the courts. Concrete footings with metal sleeves for the new tennis and pickleball net posts were also installed. Remaining work on the courts includes installation of the fencing entry gates, and installation of the acrylic color coating with court lines. This work is anticipated to be complete by the end of July, and staff will be working with the contractor to provide access to the tennis and pickleball courts for public use as soon as they are complete.

At the sprayground, the contractor installed underground piping to each of the spray features, and completed inspections of the piping. The contractor also placed all of the spray features that will be set in concrete, and began pressure-testing the underground piping prior to pouring concrete. The contractor anticipates beginning to pour the sprayground concrete slabs during the week of July 17.

Concrete forms being installed for one of the circular splash pads.
July 31, 2023

The new tennis & pickleball courts are now open to the public! All courts will temporarily be accessed at gates near the playground until construction of the sprayground and concession building expansion are complete. The courts open daily at 7:30 am, and the lights will remain on until 10:00 pm. To operate the lights, push the button located near the entry gate. The lights will remain on for one hour. When there are 10 minutes remaining, a strobe light will flash, allowing users time to push the button again before the lights turn off.

Newly constructed tennis courts with energy-efficient LED court lighting.
August 31, 2023

In recent weeks, significant progress has been made on the sprayground concrete surface. All three circular splash pads were installed with colored concrete, and the contractor continues to pour the concrete walkways and deck space surrounding the splash pads. In addition, metal posts and framework have been installed for all 12 shade structures that will be located throughout the sprayground. The fencing contractor has installed half of the fencing that will surround the entire sprayground area, and is currently setting the posts for the remaining half.

View of the circular splash pads and decking from the south, with shade structure frames throughout.
Entrance walkway into the sprayground, with shade structure frames ahead and to the right.