Mar-Duke Farm

6800 S. Main Street
Downers Grove, IL


The Mar-Duke Farm property currently contains garden plots available to residents of Downers Grove located northeast of 68th and Main Street between Greenbriar Medical Center and Divine Savior Church. New plot and nonresident garden plot registration will begin each March.

Plots are 20 x 30 feet. Four elevated plots, 4 x 11-feet, are available on a first-come, first-served basis to persons with disabilities and gardeners who cannot work at ground level.

Registration for plots, including pricing information and a map of currently available garden plots, is available in room 204 of the Lincoln Center, 935 Maple Avenue. Or call 331-777-4355 for more information.

Mar-Duke Farm


Dawn to Dusk


  • Drinking Fountain
  • Playground
  • Garden Plots
  • 9.3 Acres


The 9.3 acres of land that is now Mar-Duke Farm was originally owned by A. "Duke" Schlauder who used the land to sell farm equipment in the 1940's. The land was passed to Margaret Schlauder Evert, who sold the land to the Park District, and contributed part of the cost herself in memory of Duke. In honor of these two residents, the land was officially named for both of them and became known as Mar-Duke Farm. The land continues to be farmed, by up to 450 local families who purchase small plots in order to grow their own crops and other plants.

Upcoming Improvements/Construction

No improvements are currently planned for the upcoming construction season.