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How are the pictures taken of participants used?

Photos and video footage are periodically taken of people participating in Downers Grove Park District programs, events and activities, attending a class or event, or using District facilities or property. Please be aware that by registering for a program or class, participating in an activity, attending an event, or using District facilities or property, you authorize the District to use these photos and video footage for promotional purposes in District publications, advertising, marketing materials, brochures, event flyers, social media (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites operated by the District), and the District’s website without additional prior notice or permission and without any compensation to you. All photos and videos are property of the District.

How much is a Fitness Center Membership?

4500 Fitness has a variety of membership options for residents, non-residents and businesses.

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Does the District have a lost and found?

It is the District policy to attempt to return any lost property to its rightful owner. However, with the number of parks and facilities operated by the District, there are times that items are not able to be returned or individuals do not claim such items. Unattended property that has been impounded or property that has been found shall be stored for a minimum period of 30 days at the facility it was found. Items found in the parks will be stored for a minimum of 30 days at the Administrative Office.

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In the event that lost/abandoned property is not claimed within 30 days, the District will utilize one of the following options, as determined by the Executive Director.

  • Transfer lost items to Downers Grove Police Department. Park District can transfer its items to the Downers Grove Police Department for disposal under the Law Enforcement Disposition of Property Act. This process should be documented internally by detailing what the item is, what the approximate value of the item is, and date of transfer.
  • Donate lost items to charity: The Park District can choose to donate items to a charitable organization. Again, this should include all necessary documentation.
  • Items that are usable by the District (i.e. sports equipment) may become District property & be used.
  • Other options, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director.