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2017 Fall ADult Softball League

Games are officiated with A.S.A rules with local exceptions adopted. League play will is tentatively scheduled to begin August 28th. Teams may register at the recreation Center, 4500 Belmont Road, Downers Grove, any time after their priority date on a first-come, first-served basis until all slots are filled. Register as soon as possible after your priority date.

Resident Teams: May register beginning Friday, June 23rd at 9:00 am.
Non-Resident Teams: May begin to register Friday, June 30th at 9:00 am

Location: McCollum Park

Fee R/NR: $465/$610

2017 Fall League Roster Form


League Information

League Date Day Time
Men's 12" Rec B 8/28
Monday 6:30-10:30pm
Co-Rec A 12" 8/29 Tuesday 6:30-10:30pm
Men's 12" Competitive 8/29
Tuesday 6:30-10:30pm
Co-Rec B 12"
8/30 Wednesday 6:30-10:30pm
Men's 12" Rec A 8/30
Men's 12" Rec A 8/31 Thursday 6:30-10:30pm
Men's 12' Rec B 8/31
Thursday 6:30-10:30pm
Co-Rec A 12" 8/31 Thursday 6:30-10:30pm
Men's 12" Rec A
4/21 Friday 6:30-10:30pm

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