Each year, the Downers Grove Park District allocates capital funds for park and facility improvement projects as part of the annual budgeting process. The following is a list of capital projects currently budgeted for 2023.

McCollum Park Sprayground & Tennis Improvements: This project includes a new sprayground, renovated tennis/pickleball courts with new LED lighting, a renovated concession plaza, plus resurfacing and widening of the existing perimeter pathway. This project was postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 budget constraints. Construction began in August 2022, with completion anticipated in summer of 2023.

Recreation Center HVAC Replacement: The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system at the Recreation Center includes sixteen Carrier Roof Top Units (RTUs) that were installed during the building construction in 2003. The original RTUs are approaching twenty years old and are at the end of their useful life. The Capital budget includes funds for the removal and replacement of all 16 RTUs, and updating the system controls to include a more efficient Building Automation System. This project was awarded to a contractor in spring 2022 and was intended to be completed in August 2022, but due to production delays the RTUs were not delivered until November. As a result, the installation has been postponed to March 2023.

Recreation Center Roof Resurfacing: The existing roof on the Recreation Center is the original black rubber membrane installed in 2003 when the building was constructed. This resurfacing project includes installing a spray-on treatment that will extend the useful life of the existing roof. The treatment will seal and prevent deterioration of the existing roof system before leaks begin to develop. In addition, these treatments are typically available in a white color that is believed to reduce energy costs, since white absorbs much less heat than the existing black rubber membrane.

Whitlock Park Parking Lot Renovation: The existing parking lot at Whitlock Park was last renovated in 1997, making it 26 years old. In recent years the lot has required asphalt patchwork to repair potholes and large cracks. This project includes removal and replacement the existing asphalt surface and accessible parking stalls.

Lincoln Center Exterior Renovation: Recently the Park District was required to test the exterior metal stairs on the southeast and southwest corners of the Lincoln Center, to confirm their structural integrity. Based on the results, the District intends to remove these stairs and replace the exterior doors with new windows. These doors exit the 3rd floor Auditorium; however, after conducting an Exit Analysis for the entire building, it was determined that these exits are not required.

ADA Improvements: The FY2023 budget includes funds allocated for accessibility improvements within our existing parks and facilities, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In 2023, approximately $100,000 is budgeted for correcting deficiencies at various locations as identified in the District's current ADA Transition Plan.

Additional Facility Improvements:

  • Painting the exterior precast walls at the Recreation Center
  • Floor replacement and paint in preschool room 202 at the Lincoln Center
  • HVAC replacement at Lyman Woods Interpretive Center
  • Floor installation in the 1846 Blodgett House basement at the Downers Grove Museum
  • Floor replacement and painting inside Miner Mike's concession building